Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flash back to the 80's

I made this cake for my friend Sue's surprise 40th birthday party. The theme was everything eighties. Sue was madly in love with Jack Wagner. She had a weird love for Ziggy, yes, the character Ziggy. she worked at Little Ceasar's Pizza and loved listening the the group "The Bangels. I added a rubix cube, a bottle of aqua net hairspray, Mtv logo, I heart 80's, pacman, and a big 40! The really need to get better working with fondant. It was really humid so it really wasn't fun. I would rather just bake.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For baby Joy

I'm no Bob Ross, but not bad for the first try of the artsy thing.

I made this for my friends Janis and Louis who just had a baby girl named Joy.
I made them a meal, and wanted to bring a little gift for Joy, but didn't have extra
money for a gift, so I thought about drawing a picture and painting it with water colors.
I was pretty impressed that I could draw considering I have no drawing skills.
I wanted to keep this for Charlotte. I think I might try to make some cute drawing for the kids bedroom.